Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

Punta Mita is one of the best luxury travel destinations in the whole world. Even Forbes magazine declared that. It was at one time a lethargic small angling town, yet today, Punta Mita is a blessing from heaven for the all the more perceiving explorer. With extravagance, gated homes and 5* resort lodgings offering world-class benefit, also profoundly appraised fairways, Punta Mita in Mexico is the best level goal.

While there are a few extravagance marked inns with nearness in Punta Mita, there are likewise numerous extravagance Punta Mita lodging alternatives for families and gatherings. On the off chance that you need the opportunity to go back and forth however you see fit the additional fascination of all the more area for your cash, an extravagance Punta Mita manor on the shore is difficult to beat.

Punta Mita is well known with many celebrities and businessmen, however, you don’t should be an A-lister to appreciate an excursion there. Along these lines, if so much discussion about extravagance has sparked your interest, here is a manual for the best activities in Punta Mita.

1. Go for Shopping


Looking for gifts is a fundamental piece of any excursion. All things considered, family and companions will expect a couple tokens of your excursion! Regardless of whether you are looking for planner garments or privately made endowments, you will be ruined for decisions in Punta Mita.

There are a few extravagance boutiques in the halls of the best retreat inns, including the Four Seasons. Punta Mita likewise has a couple of little malls exhibiting neighborhood products and imported things. Get garments planned and made by neighborhood creators or gourmet nourishment for your extravagance estate. There are likewise a lot of little shoreline shops moving shoddy gifts for the children. You are going to love shopping here no matter what.

2. Go Scuba Diving

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

Punta Mita has fantastic scuba plunging openings. The air and water temperature are ideal for scuba jumping throughout the entire year. Take off to the Marieta Islands on a pontoon sanction and investigate the caverns and passages. Indeed, The coral reefs are home to plentiful marine life, including dolphins, sharks, and beams.

El Morro is incredible for experienced jumpers. Also, You plunge up to 150 feet, go divider jumping, and investigate testing caverns and passages.

3. Respect the Views

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

The town of Punta Mita is encompassed on three sides by shining water and wonderful shorelines. A considerable lot of the most rich manors are situated on the west drift, while a portion of the gated homes are on the north drift. On the off chance that you need to go celeb-spotting; make a beeline for the eastern promontory, as this is the place a few big names claim beachfront land. Normally, their properties appreciate some astonishing perspectives over Banderas Bay.

On the off chance that you need a table with a view, go to the Tuna Blanca eatery in Punta Mita. Serving a determination of Mexican dishes and fish, Tuna Blanca has a flawless patio with the absolute best perspectives in the region. You can keep an eye out for Humpback whales while you tuck into a delectable dinner.

4. Go Fishing

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

Punta Mita is an extraordinary goal for sharp angling aficionados. The warm waters seaward are abounding with marine life and there is no deficiency of fish to get. In the event that you angle inshore, pay special mind to grouper, snapper, and mahi-mahi. Book an angling contract on the off chance that you need to attempt remote ocean angling. The major event angling season keeps running from June through to January, however the best gets are normally made in September and October. This is your chance to get a marlin or sailfish. Also, On the off chance that you strike it fortunate, you can take your catch home and flame broil it for a genuine sea to table understanding.

For the individuals who don’t find much worth eating, don’t stress; the neighborhood eateries are famous for their fantastic fish menus.

5. Go Snorkeling

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

There are similarly the same number of spots to go swimming, as well. Anclote Beach is ideal for swimming. Lease hardware on the shoreline and go searching for reefs of brilliantly hued angle swimming in the warm waters.

6. Play Golf

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

Punta Mita has two world-class fairways. Punta Mita Pacifico and Punta Mita Bahia are both Jack Nicklaus Signature fairways. You can discover them in Punta Mita Resorts. Also, they are just open to individuals or visitors remaining at the Four Seasons or St.Regis.

Planned by Greg Norman, the Litibu Golf Course isn’t a shoreline side course;, however it is similarly as trying – and beautiful. Also, The Las Huertos Golf and Beach Club is ideal for easygoing golfers at all dimensions searching for a snappy 9-gap test.

7. Hang Out on the Beach

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

The shorelines in Punta Mita are extraordinary. This drift is seldom disturbed by sea tempests, so the shorelines stay flawless lasting through the year. Punta Village sits on Banderas Beach. It is a heaven for sun admirers and water sports aficionados alike.

Bucerias Beach is a short 30-minute voyage from Punta Mita. This five-mile stretch of staggering sand lies along Banderas Bay and is well known with nearby families. There are a lot of shells to gather, water sports to attempt, also on the off chance that you need to have a go at windsurfing, the conditions are perfect.

Concealed Beach is otherwise called the Beach of Love, which makes it an incredible wedding trip goal. The shoreline, which is set inside a substantial hole, is just open by vessel, yet it’s well worth visiting.

La Lancha Beach is additionally just open by pontoon, however it’s ideal for surfing. The waves here are constantly sufficiently furious to test your abilities on a board.

Amazing things to do In Punta Mita, Mexico - travel

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